Put simply, for those of you not in the know, Zorbing (or sphereing) is rolling downhill in a giant inflatable ball. It’s not QUITE as dangerous as it sounds though!

Zorbing You are cushioned by air between the inner capsule (where you are) and the tough outer skin. There are several versions available – the main difference being whether you are strapped in or not. It is common for two people to ride at the same time to balance out the ball, so it makes sense to be strapped in for safety reasons.

If you’re doing this with a group of friends then once the two have climbed into the ball and strapped themselves in, the rest of the group can start pushing them down the hill to get some SERIOUS speed up.

This makes a great day out for a stag party in the summer, especially with a few beers and a barbecue! For the adventurous (or insane), there’s also a variation called Aqua Sphereing where water is added inside the ball with you, to give you some idea of what it’s like to hang out in your washing machine.

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