Segway Rally For One

We’ve all heard of gift experiences for men which involve driving Ferraris, tanks and who knows what else; if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, how about booking a Segway Rally for One.

Segway Rally for OneSegways are those unusual two wheeled stand-up scooters popular with eccentric Americans on the sidewalks of Florida and Venice Beach. With this fantastic gift, you can book a day of fun starting with learning the basics, and finally competing on an exciting rally course.

This particular gift experience for men is available at no less than seven different locations across England, from Hampshire to North Yorkshire. After you have registered upon arrival, you will be provided with all necessary safety equipment and then taught the basics of how to operate the machine. Then you will be off on a training session allowing you to get a feel for the Segway, a group excursion around the area to further get to grips with the controls and finally the big event – Segway Rally! You will compete against a group of other people lucky enough to receive this present, and afterwards will receive a certificate and group photo as souvenirs.

This really is something different to normal gift experiences for men which involve driving machinery using very familiar controls. Segways work by sensing the body position of the driver; leaning forward to speed up, backwards to brake. This also makes it an excellent present for guys who have an interest in various types of vehicle and love getting stuck into the action. Booking a Segway Rally for One makes for a fantastically fun, unusual and generally very safe gift experience. A few of the locations are only for adults but the majority have no maximum age restriction. Riders must be at least 134 cm tall (4’5) and weigh no more than 18.5 stone (260 pounds).

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