Lamborghini Gallardo gift experience day

Over recent years, many people have moved on from traditional presents for male family members and loved ones to something altogether more exciting – gift experiences for men. These experiences come as all sorts of different activities and days out, but certainly one of the most incredible currently available is the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Lamborghini Gallardo gift experience dayFor anyone who is a car or motorsports enthusiast, the chance to get behind the wheel of one of the most famous and high status vehicles in the world makes for an amazing present. Available at many different locations across the country, gift experiences from men certainly seem to be the way forward.

When you let the lucky guy in question know he is to be driving a genuine Lamborghini sports car – complete with a 5 litre, 500bhp, V10 engine – you will surely take his breath away. When it comes to gift experiences for men, that is certainly the desired reaction. On the day in question, the driver-to-be will be warmly welcomed at the race circuit, given a full introduction to the vehicle and safety procedures, before being taken on two demonstration laps with a qualified instructor. After the formalities, he is then free to enjoy the main event – four mind blowing laps of the circuit.

To finish off the day, your friend or loved one will be presented with a certificate to commemorate the day. This certificate makes for a nice reminder of the gift, and many men choose to frame it and hang it on the wall at home. Gift experiences for men give you an opportunity to go one better than a traditional present. Extra time in the car can be purchased on the day and up to two spectators can attend the event free of charge, so that you can see for yourself what you have purchased.

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