Personalised Beer Labels

If you have male friends or family who love a drink and have a great sense of humour, one of the very best drinking gifts for men has got to be a set of personalised beer labels.

Personalised Beer LabelsImagine the recipient’s surprise when they are presented with an array of drinks, all adorned with their own name. The labels come in six different fantastic designs which can be placed on bottles or cans to produce a unique selection of drinks for the evening’s entertainment. Drinking gifts for men have never been so unique!

The labels are professionally designed and printed to look exactly like the real thing. Also, rather than just receiving half a dozen different labels, when purchasing this drinking gift for men you actually receive eight sheets of labels, providing a total of 48 beer labels. This means as well as the initial surprise, the lucky guy you are giving them to can also use them again in the future for other parties and occasions. The labels are made up to look like authentic Irish Stout, Mississippi Moonshine and premium lager brands, all adorned with the personal name of your choice.

Many drinking gifts for men are bought for guys who consider themselves to be quite the connoisseur when it comes to an alcoholic beverage or two. If the friend or family member you are thinking of is a collector of unusual beers, for example, what better addition than a bottle or can with their very own name on it? Other labels in the collection represent personalised premium pilsner and ale and have fantastic little details like advertising slogans and founding dates. If you’re looking for drinking gifts for men, this really is as good as it gets and will delight whoever you have in mind.

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