Key Bottle Opener

You know what it’s like when you’re at a barbecue or party and nobody has a bottle opener to hand? Well with this fantastic key bottle opener that will never be a problem again, as you will always have a bottle opener hanging from your bunch of keys. Looking almost exactly like a standard door key, this bottle opener in disguise is incredibly practical as you can connect it to your regular keys and almost forget you have it – until you need it that is. Drinking gifts for men such as this are great for those friends and family members to love a beer or two.

Key Bottle OpenerOf course, novelty bottle openers are not exactly new; coming in all different shapes and sizes from dinosaurs to cartoon characters. However, after the novelty has worn off, do you really want a bottle opener shaped like Homer Simpson’s head hanging from your key-ring? Probably not. With this brilliant key shaped bottle opener you can always carry a bottle opener around inconspicuously, fantastic for spur of the moment drinks. Drinking gifts from men who like a bottle in their hand are excellent stocking fillers for Christmas, or light-hearted gifts for birthdays.

You can also have no fear that this gift will last for ages, being made out of tough metal, just like a standard house key. Also, unless you have the misfortune of losing your entire bunch of keys, you will never have that problem of scrabbling through the kitchen drawers looking for your bottle opener. There are loads of drinking gifts for men available but this is one of the most practical and will actually serve a purpose for years to come.

This gift is dispatched on the same day if ordered before 3pm during the week. Order yours now and it will arrive before you know it.

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