Personalised Sports Caricature

Personalised Sports CaricatureOrdering a personalised sports caricature as a gift for friends and family has never been so easy. All you need to do is provide a suitable photo of the recipient, a few details such as hair and eye colour etc, and of course your chosen sport, and a brilliant sports caricature will be created for you. This makes an excellent sports gift for men; with at least 18 different sports available (and possibly others on request) you’re sure to find a sport to match the recipient’s favourite.

Sports caricatures are always a lot of fun; seeing your loved one betrayed as the athletic sportsman he may (or may not be!) in reality. Not many sports gifts for men are this versatile, with tennis, boxing, horseriding, cycling, rugby and many, many others available. This is certainly sure to raise a few laughs and can be savoured for years to come as it is supplied in an A3 frame for hanging. The frame is also a very good quality with clear acrylic instead of glass (much safer and lighter) and hanging clip.

This really is a unique present as no two caricatures are the same, skilfully put together by professional artists. Whichever family member or friend is the big sports fan, they are sure to appreciate this entirely personal present for their birthday or Christmas.

There are a few requirements when it comes to the photo you must supply; it must be a front on shot which includes the whole face rather than a photograph from the side where not all features are easily seen. Sunglasses and hats etc are a no-no, and obviously the photo needs to be in focus. The good news when ordering this sports gift for men is that you can send multiple images for the artist to work from.

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Potty Putter – The Ultimate Toilet Putter

For the sports fans amongst your family and friends there are plenty of fantastic sports gifts for men available, both serious and not so serious. For those with a sense of humour, the Potty Putter – Ultimate Toilet Putter is a wonderful idea. While most blokes will suffice with a newspaper or the Sunday crossword when it comes to relaxing on the lav, others will relish the opportunity to practice their putting form from the comfort of their toilet seat.

Potty Putter - The Ultimate Toilet PutterThis is just the opportunity the Potty Putter presents; coming with a putting green, two golf balls, a putter, a flagstick and a Do Not Disturb sign. The putting green is laid just in front of the toilet and all you need do is lean over with your golf club and try to sink the ball in the hole. It’s hard to say whether this humorous gift will really increase the putting accuracy of regular golfers, but when it comes to sports gifts from man, this is certainly one of the most original.

Maybe the best thing about the Ultimate Toilet Putter is the price; this sports gift for men is very affordable and makes for an excellent, humorous stocking filler for the golf fan in your family. You may not want to, but it is quite easy to imagine your dad, brother, uncle, husband or boyfriend rushing upstairs, setting up the green, dropping his trousers and sinking a few balls. Also, this gift is suitable for any golf fan with a sense of humour; maybe Mum would like to go too.

Of course, if dad does really get into it, you can expect him to disappear up to the bathroom for at least 20 minutes at a time. Perhaps this will give you an opportunity to change the channel on the TV for once!

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Personalised Football Book

We all know what football fans are like when it comes to history, trivia and notable events of the past; with this personalised football book you have the option of presented your loved one with an incredible documentation of over 100 years of football history.

Personalised Football BookWith all major football clubs of England and Scotland to choose from, your book of choice will come with an abundance of match reports, pictures, transfer stories and headlines dating back to the early 20th century. Sports gifts for men are fantastic for those guys who are very passionate and nostalgic about their particular team.

What makes this gift even more special is the option of personalising both the cover and inside certificate label with a name and message of your choice. There is room on the front cover for a name of up to 22 characters (which can be embossed in gold for a small extra fee) as well as 120 characters on the inside certificate; which is more than enough room for a personal message. This really is one of the best sports gifts for men available with editorials and historical reports more than likely going back to before the birth of the recipient. Buying this gift is like giving someone a complete history of their favourite football club.

The book itself is the same size as a tabloid newspaper and measures 38 cm x 30 cm. Each book is individually bound in leatherette and has your football club name of choice and a football logo embossed in gold on the cover. All of the information within is very well researched and charts both the high points and low points of your chosen football club’s history. This is a truly unique sports gift for men and an excellent choice for any football fan, young or old.

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Table Top Football

Table Top Football
Table Top Football is fun for all ages and abilities, and you can often find even those who aren’t football fans having a crafty game. This has been popular with men of all ages for years and if you see one in a pub it’s rare not to see it surrounded by players waiting their turn. This inexpensive table-top version will be the perfect present for a birthday, Christmas or just when you want to treat someone.

It’s a gift that will compete well against computer games for a lads’ night in, or for children who you want to keep away from a screen and get them interacting with each other!

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