Vineyard Tour For Two

Although most people associate vineyards with various regions of France, Sussex has a number of wonderful vineyards to visit. You now have the opportunity to book a vineyard tour for two at a fantastic price and see how a working vineyard goes about its daily business producing wine. This really is a very comprehensive tour, taking in all of the plantings from the oldest to the most recent, whilst discussing the whole process in hand. If you are looking for gift experiences from men with a difference, this is certainly a great option.

Vineyard Tour For TwoThe day’s events start at 10am with tea and coffee and a short introduction to what you’ll be seeing and doing on the day. Exploring the vineyard at a leisurely pace, you will be educated on the planting, growing and harvesting process and will be free to ask any questions you wish. You will then move on to the winery where the actual process of turning grapes into wine takes place. A wine tasting session of the final product is next and a complimentary bottle is included in the price of this gift experience for men.

Also included in the price is a fantastic Ploughman’s buffet lunch, before the tour reaches its end at 2pm. Your tour will not be overly crowded, with no more than 30 other participants enjoying it with you. Of course, you can expect everybody to be relatively like-minded and enthusiastic about wine and the process of making it. This is certainly one of the most refined and cultural gift experiences from men available; much more relaxing than going paintballing or skydiving!

So there you have it, an interesting and enjoyable day out for any wine buff and an experience that can be enjoyed as a couple. Obviously, anybody attending the tour must at least 18 years old.

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Meerkat Encounter

Due to a highly efficient marketing campaign from Meerkat HQ, these cute little fellas seem to have become the most popular animal around at the moment. If you know anyone who is particularly fond of meerkats, or possibly wildlife in general, you now have the opportunity to book a very up close and personal encounter. Much better than viewing meerkats from afar, these little critters are very tame and will be clambering all over you. This has to be one of the very best gift experiences for men and women.

Meerkat EncounterAlso included in the price of this gift is a full day’s access to the wildlife park in which the meerkats live. Additional day tickets are available at £14 each, but for the recipient of this special present, a one-on-one encounter with a hoard of inquisitive meerkats is of course the highlight. Most gift experiences for men revolve around driving fast cars or tanks, but this present is much better suited to those who enjoy wildlife and animals. The park in question is in Hertfordshire, in the south-east of England.

The wildlife park is also full of many other exotic animals and birds and you have the whole day to enjoy them. You can then wander over to the meerkat enclosure for either 3 or 4pm where you will be briefed by a keeper as to what to expect. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions at this point, although let’s face it, it’s not like you’re entering into a cage full of lions. As long as your tetanus jabs are up-to-date, there really is no other preparation you need to do to enjoy this gift experience.

At the end of your time in the enclosure, you will be presented with a certificate to serve as a reminder of your wonderful day.

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Segway Rally For One

We’ve all heard of gift experiences for men which involve driving Ferraris, tanks and who knows what else; if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, how about booking a Segway Rally for One.

Segway Rally for OneSegways are those unusual two wheeled stand-up scooters popular with eccentric Americans on the sidewalks of Florida and Venice Beach. With this fantastic gift, you can book a day of fun starting with learning the basics, and finally competing on an exciting rally course.

This particular gift experience for men is available at no less than seven different locations across England, from Hampshire to North Yorkshire. After you have registered upon arrival, you will be provided with all necessary safety equipment and then taught the basics of how to operate the machine. Then you will be off on a training session allowing you to get a feel for the Segway, a group excursion around the area to further get to grips with the controls and finally the big event – Segway Rally! You will compete against a group of other people lucky enough to receive this present, and afterwards will receive a certificate and group photo as souvenirs.

This really is something different to normal gift experiences for men which involve driving machinery using very familiar controls. Segways work by sensing the body position of the driver; leaning forward to speed up, backwards to brake. This also makes it an excellent present for guys who have an interest in various types of vehicle and love getting stuck into the action. Booking a Segway Rally for One makes for a fantastically fun, unusual and generally very safe gift experience. A few of the locations are only for adults but the majority have no maximum age restriction. Riders must be at least 134 cm tall (4’5) and weigh no more than 18.5 stone (260 pounds).

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Lamborghini Gallardo gift experience day

Over recent years, many people have moved on from traditional presents for male family members and loved ones to something altogether more exciting – gift experiences for men. These experiences come as all sorts of different activities and days out, but certainly one of the most incredible currently available is the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Lamborghini Gallardo gift experience dayFor anyone who is a car or motorsports enthusiast, the chance to get behind the wheel of one of the most famous and high status vehicles in the world makes for an amazing present. Available at many different locations across the country, gift experiences from men certainly seem to be the way forward.

When you let the lucky guy in question know he is to be driving a genuine Lamborghini sports car – complete with a 5 litre, 500bhp, V10 engine – you will surely take his breath away. When it comes to gift experiences for men, that is certainly the desired reaction. On the day in question, the driver-to-be will be warmly welcomed at the race circuit, given a full introduction to the vehicle and safety procedures, before being taken on two demonstration laps with a qualified instructor. After the formalities, he is then free to enjoy the main event – four mind blowing laps of the circuit.

To finish off the day, your friend or loved one will be presented with a certificate to commemorate the day. This certificate makes for a nice reminder of the gift, and many men choose to frame it and hang it on the wall at home. Gift experiences for men give you an opportunity to go one better than a traditional present. Extra time in the car can be purchased on the day and up to two spectators can attend the event free of charge, so that you can see for yourself what you have purchased.

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Outdoor Climbing Experience

If someone you know has always fancied having a go at rock climbing but never gets round to it for one reason or another, then this would make a lovely surprise for them!

Outdoor climbing gift experience

There are a multitude of indoor climbing walls in the UK, but many people find this a little artificial. They are great for practice but for most climbers the real thrill is doing it outdoors on a proper rock face. Catering to all levels of ability, this professionally-tutored and supervised session would make a great introduction to rock climbing.

Starting with a detailed discussion of safety techniques and the equipment used, you’ll soon be able to put your new-found knowledge into action. Though this experience is based in North Wales, climbing days are available in other areas of the UK.

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Put simply, for those of you not in the know, Zorbing (or sphereing) is rolling downhill in a giant inflatable ball. It’s not QUITE as dangerous as it sounds though!

Zorbing You are cushioned by air between the inner capsule (where you are) and the tough outer skin. There are several versions available – the main difference being whether you are strapped in or not. It is common for two people to ride at the same time to balance out the ball, so it makes sense to be strapped in for safety reasons.

If you’re doing this with a group of friends then once the two have climbed into the ball and strapped themselves in, the rest of the group can start pushing them down the hill to get some SERIOUS speed up.

This makes a great day out for a stag party in the summer, especially with a few beers and a barbecue! For the adventurous (or insane), there’s also a variation called Aqua Sphereing where water is added inside the ball with you, to give you some idea of what it’s like to hang out in your washing machine.

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