Key Bottle Opener

You know what it’s like when you’re at a barbecue or party and nobody has a bottle opener to hand? Well with this fantastic key bottle opener that will never be a problem again, as you will always have a bottle opener hanging from your bunch of keys. Looking almost exactly like a standard door key, this bottle opener in disguise is incredibly practical as you can connect it to your regular keys and almost forget you have it – until you need it that is. Drinking gifts for men such as this are great for those friends and family members to love a beer or two.

Key Bottle OpenerOf course, novelty bottle openers are not exactly new; coming in all different shapes and sizes from dinosaurs to cartoon characters. However, after the novelty has worn off, do you really want a bottle opener shaped like Homer Simpson’s head hanging from your key-ring? Probably not. With this brilliant key shaped bottle opener you can always carry a bottle opener around inconspicuously, fantastic for spur of the moment drinks. Drinking gifts from men who like a bottle in their hand are excellent stocking fillers for Christmas, or light-hearted gifts for birthdays.

You can also have no fear that this gift will last for ages, being made out of tough metal, just like a standard house key. Also, unless you have the misfortune of losing your entire bunch of keys, you will never have that problem of scrabbling through the kitchen drawers looking for your bottle opener. There are loads of drinking gifts for men available but this is one of the most practical and will actually serve a purpose for years to come.

This gift is dispatched on the same day if ordered before 3pm during the week. Order yours now and it will arrive before you know it.

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Vineyard Tour For Two

Although most people associate vineyards with various regions of France, Sussex has a number of wonderful vineyards to visit. You now have the opportunity to book a vineyard tour for two at a fantastic price and see how a working vineyard goes about its daily business producing wine. This really is a very comprehensive tour, taking in all of the plantings from the oldest to the most recent, whilst discussing the whole process in hand. If you are looking for gift experiences from men with a difference, this is certainly a great option.

Vineyard Tour For TwoThe day’s events start at 10am with tea and coffee and a short introduction to what you’ll be seeing and doing on the day. Exploring the vineyard at a leisurely pace, you will be educated on the planting, growing and harvesting process and will be free to ask any questions you wish. You will then move on to the winery where the actual process of turning grapes into wine takes place. A wine tasting session of the final product is next and a complimentary bottle is included in the price of this gift experience for men.

Also included in the price is a fantastic Ploughman’s buffet lunch, before the tour reaches its end at 2pm. Your tour will not be overly crowded, with no more than 30 other participants enjoying it with you. Of course, you can expect everybody to be relatively like-minded and enthusiastic about wine and the process of making it. This is certainly one of the most refined and cultural gift experiences from men available; much more relaxing than going paintballing or skydiving!

So there you have it, an interesting and enjoyable day out for any wine buff and an experience that can be enjoyed as a couple. Obviously, anybody attending the tour must at least 18 years old.

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Personalised Sports Caricature

Personalised Sports CaricatureOrdering a personalised sports caricature as a gift for friends and family has never been so easy. All you need to do is provide a suitable photo of the recipient, a few details such as hair and eye colour etc, and of course your chosen sport, and a brilliant sports caricature will be created for you. This makes an excellent sports gift for men; with at least 18 different sports available (and possibly others on request) you’re sure to find a sport to match the recipient’s favourite.

Sports caricatures are always a lot of fun; seeing your loved one betrayed as the athletic sportsman he may (or may not be!) in reality. Not many sports gifts for men are this versatile, with tennis, boxing, horseriding, cycling, rugby and many, many others available. This is certainly sure to raise a few laughs and can be savoured for years to come as it is supplied in an A3 frame for hanging. The frame is also a very good quality with clear acrylic instead of glass (much safer and lighter) and hanging clip.

This really is a unique present as no two caricatures are the same, skilfully put together by professional artists. Whichever family member or friend is the big sports fan, they are sure to appreciate this entirely personal present for their birthday or Christmas.

There are a few requirements when it comes to the photo you must supply; it must be a front on shot which includes the whole face rather than a photograph from the side where not all features are easily seen. Sunglasses and hats etc are a no-no, and obviously the photo needs to be in focus. The good news when ordering this sports gift for men is that you can send multiple images for the artist to work from.

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Engraved Silver Straight Money Clip

Few fashion accessories say ‘high roller’ better than a money clip. The only thing better is a personalised, silver plated money clip, engraved with the name or initials of its owner. You now have the opportunity to buy this fantastic gift at a very reasonable price. Traditional gifts for men such as this are wonderful for older family members or those who have an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Engraved Silver Straight Money ClipThis silver money clip can be engraved with a name or initials up to 11 characters in length, making for a truly unique and personalised gift. Whenever you personalise a present it really does make it all the more special, as the gift recipient knows that you have gone to extra effort to buy them something made just for them. You’ll also find very few traditional gifts for men made to such a high standard; this money clip will last for years and years, always reminding the bearer of the person who gave it to them.

Adding to the class of this present is a stylish presentation box. Your personalised money clip will be delivered in a gift box lined in black and finished in a majestic navy blue. This also gives you the opportunity to present a more sizeable gift when it comes to that special occasion, birthday or Christmas. This traditional gift for men is fantastic value for money and will make your dad, uncle, brother, husband or boyfriend feel like a millionaire every time he uses it.

Despite being such good value, this money clip is finished in beautiful, shining silver plate and is engraved to the highest standards. All you need to do is enter the initials or name of your choice when adding the gift to your basket. Traditional gifts from men have never been so classy!

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Meerkat Encounter

Due to a highly efficient marketing campaign from Meerkat HQ, these cute little fellas seem to have become the most popular animal around at the moment. If you know anyone who is particularly fond of meerkats, or possibly wildlife in general, you now have the opportunity to book a very up close and personal encounter. Much better than viewing meerkats from afar, these little critters are very tame and will be clambering all over you. This has to be one of the very best gift experiences for men and women.

Meerkat EncounterAlso included in the price of this gift is a full day’s access to the wildlife park in which the meerkats live. Additional day tickets are available at £14 each, but for the recipient of this special present, a one-on-one encounter with a hoard of inquisitive meerkats is of course the highlight. Most gift experiences for men revolve around driving fast cars or tanks, but this present is much better suited to those who enjoy wildlife and animals. The park in question is in Hertfordshire, in the south-east of England.

The wildlife park is also full of many other exotic animals and birds and you have the whole day to enjoy them. You can then wander over to the meerkat enclosure for either 3 or 4pm where you will be briefed by a keeper as to what to expect. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions at this point, although let’s face it, it’s not like you’re entering into a cage full of lions. As long as your tetanus jabs are up-to-date, there really is no other preparation you need to do to enjoy this gift experience.

At the end of your time in the enclosure, you will be presented with a certificate to serve as a reminder of your wonderful day.

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Potty Putter – The Ultimate Toilet Putter

For the sports fans amongst your family and friends there are plenty of fantastic sports gifts for men available, both serious and not so serious. For those with a sense of humour, the Potty Putter – Ultimate Toilet Putter is a wonderful idea. While most blokes will suffice with a newspaper or the Sunday crossword when it comes to relaxing on the lav, others will relish the opportunity to practice their putting form from the comfort of their toilet seat.

Potty Putter - The Ultimate Toilet PutterThis is just the opportunity the Potty Putter presents; coming with a putting green, two golf balls, a putter, a flagstick and a Do Not Disturb sign. The putting green is laid just in front of the toilet and all you need do is lean over with your golf club and try to sink the ball in the hole. It’s hard to say whether this humorous gift will really increase the putting accuracy of regular golfers, but when it comes to sports gifts from man, this is certainly one of the most original.

Maybe the best thing about the Ultimate Toilet Putter is the price; this sports gift for men is very affordable and makes for an excellent, humorous stocking filler for the golf fan in your family. You may not want to, but it is quite easy to imagine your dad, brother, uncle, husband or boyfriend rushing upstairs, setting up the green, dropping his trousers and sinking a few balls. Also, this gift is suitable for any golf fan with a sense of humour; maybe Mum would like to go too.

Of course, if dad does really get into it, you can expect him to disappear up to the bathroom for at least 20 minutes at a time. Perhaps this will give you an opportunity to change the channel on the TV for once!

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Top Off Engraved Bottle Opener

There are many different drinking gifts for men available, but when it comes to purchasing a present for that special someone, personalisation is certainly the way to go. This is the option you have when purchasing the Top Off Engraved Bottle Opener; not only is this a fantastic gift in its own right, but you also have the option of engraving it with up to 50 characters of your choosing.Top Off Engraved Bottle OpenerA must have gift for any guy who loves to have a refreshing bottle of beer or cider to hand on a hot summers day, adding a personalised message makes it even more unique.

The Top Off Engraved Bottle Opener is made from extremely high quality silver plated metal and measures approximately 10cm x 5cm x 1cm, making it ideal for fitting into your back pocket. Everyone knows what it’s like to not be able to find the bottle opener, whoever you choose to give this gift to will certainly not misplace it, what with it being personalised with their name or a personal message. Drinking gifts for men are an excellent choice for your brother, father, friends, husband or boyfriend and this is one of the best.

To add to the quality of this present, the Top Off Engraved Bottle Opener also comes in a fantastic gift box. Fantastic for everyday use, this is not only a personalised gift, but a highly practical one; used year after year and reminding the recipient of both you and the special occasion in question. Some drinking gifts for men do not really have a practical use and are only good for a bit of a joke, but this excellent present is much more useful than that. Make the description as humorous or a sentimental as you like, the choice is yours.

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Stainless Steel Hip Flask, Pen & Waiter’s Friend

Now this is a fantastic drinking gift for men; this elegant set from the Harvey Makin Collection comes complete with a stainless steel hip flask, corkscrew, matching pen and gift box.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask, Pen & Waiter’s FriendThe hip flask can be engraved with a personal message or name of up to 60 characters making for an ideal personalised gift for your partner, friends or family. Fantastic value for money, this complete set could even be gifted to a professional waiter or bartender who takes pride in their equipment.

Whether you are looking for drinking gifts for men for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, Christmas or any other special occasion, this set is a fantastic idea. The added option of being able to engrave the stainless steel hip flask gives you the opportunity of making the gift even more special. Knowing that you have gone to the extra length of purchasing something truly unique and one-off will be sure to leave the recipient touched. The Harvey Makin Collection specialises in high quality and elegant gifts for men who value such things, and this is an excellent gift for the drinking connoisseur.

The corkscrew is also known as a Waiter’s Friend and is perfect for opening all sorts of wine and beer bottles etc. The quality of this product is so good that even a professional waiter would be very pleased to receive this drinking gift for men. The stainless steel pen is another lovely touch, also extremely high quality, it completes the set and is presented in the gift box with the other two items. Men of all (drinking) ages will be pleased to receive this gift, from smart young men to your grandad, and even more impressed by the added personalisation. This Stainless Steel Hip Flask, Pen & Waiter’s Friend is ideal for all special occasions and will be treasured for a very long time.

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Traditional Pint Tankard

What do you get the drinking man who has everything? Why, a personalised traditional pint tankard of course!
Traditional Pint TankardWhen it comes to drinking gifts for men, there are novelty gifts which may raise a few laughs before being quietly put away in a cupboard, never to see the light of day again, and then there are gifts which will actually be made use of. This personalised crystal pint glass certainly falls into the latter category. Holding a full pint of whatever alcoholic elixir you fancy, you also have the option of personalising the glass with a message of up to 70 characters. The message is skilfully engraved using professional spacing and placement.

Other drinking gifts for men are of course available, but when it comes to buying a great gift for your best mate, best man, uncle, brother, father, husband or boyfriend this fantastic present takes some beating. Measuring 13 cm tall x 8.5 cm wide (not including the handle) this is an excellent present for men of all ages, and great for enjoying a nice cold pint in front of the telly or at a weekend barbecue. The message you have engraved is entirely up to you and one of the great things about this extra touch is that you can add a personal joke, sentimental message, nickname or just the recipient’s real name to the side of the glass.

Personalised drinking gifts for men like this are excellent for those fellows who enjoy a drink in their hand and an added personal touch. This traditional pint tankard would make an excellent present for a birthday, anniversary, retirement or Christmas and whoever you are giving it to, they are sure to appreciate the effort. Of course, maybe there are a few ladies you know you may appreciate this also…

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